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QBUS cards

M7608-BS MS630-BA 2-Mbyte RAM for KA630 (MicroVAX II) (Also M7608-AA, AC, -AE, -AH, -AL, -AP, -AR, -AS, -AT, -AU, -AV)
M7624   KA640-AA   MicroVAX 3300/3400 CPU: CVAX chip, Ethernet, DSSI, 4 Mbyte memory (640QR)
M8061  RLV12  RL01/RL02 disk control Refs: EK-RLV12-UG, EK-RLV12-TD, MP-01282, ZJ285-RZ, uNOTE N#041
M7606-AA KA630-AA MicroVAX II CPU w/1-Mbyte, floating point, time of year clock, boot/diagnostic ROM, Q22 Also M7606-AC, -AF, -AH, -AL, -AP, -AS, -EE, -EF, -EP, -ES, -ET, -EU, -EV, -ZC, -ZF, -ZP, -ZS) Refs: EK-KA630-UG, EK-KD32-OM, EK-KD32A-OM, uNOTEs N#022, N#024, N#026
EMULEX TU0210401-00 TC9210201-FSJ does anyone knows what this card is ?
EMULEX QD3310701 Emulex SMD controller for up to two SMD disks. Supports SMD-0 and SMD-E, with data rates up to 24MHz for SMD-E. MSCP emulation.  DMA (uses adaptive techniques and block mode, supports scatter-write and gather-read on the uVAX-I)
M8043 DLV11-J DLVJ1-M 4-Line Asynchronous Interface (formerly DLV11-J) (CS Rev. E or earlier incompatible with KDF11-A and KDF11-B) (CS Rev. E or later, ECO M8043-MR002 installed) Refs: EK-DLV1J-UG, MP-00586, EB-20175-20, ZJ269-RZ, uNOTE N#033
jumper settings:

M8017-AA DLV11-E/EC Single-line async control module (Replaces M8017, M8017-YB)
Renamed DLVE1 Refs: EK-DLV11-OP, MP-00460, EB-20175-20, ZJ243-RZ, uNOTE N#033
MTI Micro Technology Inc. MEQNA DEQNA compatible Ethernet interface
2 x National Semiconductor PWA98001010500 memory card (12 x 256Kbits chips)
Dilog SQ7
3 x M8192-YB KDJ11-AB LSI-11/73 CPU, 8-Kbyte cache, FPJ11-AA compatible.
Refs: EK-KDJ1A-UG, uNOTEs N#006, N#008, N#009, N#011, N#040
M7554-04 KDJ11-DS J11 CPU 18MHz, 1.5-Mbyte RAM, 2 SLUs (CSS) Refs: EK-KDJ1D-UG
M8186 KDF11-A 11/23 CPU
M7264-EB KD11-F 11/03 processor with 4-Kword MOS RAM Refs: EB-18451-20, MP-00049, MP-00050, MP-00264, MP-00357, MP-00589, EK-LSI11-MC
Webster Computer Corporation WQESD Quad Qbus Cached ESDI Disc Controller
3 x M7559 TQK70 TMSCP controller for TK70

3 x M7546 TQK50-AA TMSCP controller for TK50 tape unit Refs: uNOTE N#041

3 x M7555 RQDX3 MFM Winchester and floppy disk controller (RX50/RX33/RD50-54/RD31/RD32/RD33) Refs: EK-RQDX3-UG, uNOTEs N#041, N#043
M7621 MS650-AA 8-Mbyte RAM for KA650 (MicroVAX III)
M7620 KA650-AA/BA MicroVAX III CPU (-AA full license, -BA workstation license), 90nS. Refs: EK-KA650-UG
M5976-AA KZQSA Qbus to SCSI adapter
CQD220A/M/T Qbus Controller single-ended (sync/async) SCSI Host Adapter
M7740 RQC25 Qbus to LESI bus adapter used on disks with MSCP. RC25 controller. Replaces M8654.  Q22. (Also M7740-01, -PA) (Also called KLESI-QA and used as the controller for a TU81-Plus) Refs: EK-ORC25-PS, EK-ORC25-UG, MP-01612, ZJ350-RZ, uNOTE N#041
RQDX1 RD51/52 & RX50 MFM Disk control module (Needs microcode rev 9.0 code ROMs for RD52) (Must be final device in bus) Refs: EK-RQDX1-UG, MP-01731, uNOTE N#043