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  • M105 Device selector for PDP-11 (Also called Address selector module)
  • M7821 KW11 Interrupt control, 7-bits, 1 per PDP11 peripheral (fast 7820)
  • 2 x M7259 MF11-LP Parity for MF11-LP
  • M780 KL11 Teletype transmitter & receiver for KL11, 110 baud
  • M9312 Bootstrap terminator with 5 empty ROM sockets; one for CPU diagnostics, 4 for peripheral boots Refs: EK-M9312-TM


  • M8190 KDJ11-B 11/84 CPU: J11 CPU 15MHz with unusable socket for FPJ11 and 2 SLUs, boot & diagnostic ROMs, 3 ROM sockets, 8-Kbyte cache. Refs: EK-KDJ1B-UG, uNOTE N#039
  • M8191 KTJ11-B 11/84 UNIBUS PMI controller (contains 4 optional boot ROM sockets (M9312 compatible)).
  • M7147 DV11 M7808 (M7247+M7246) with synchronized scanner [M7808 DV11U Modem control scan and MUX for DV11 (fits in DV11 backplane)]
  • M7228 KW11-P Real time programmable clock
  • 3 x M8293 16 K UNIBUS timing
  • M7800 DL11 Async transmitter & receiver, 110-2400 baud, no clock (Replaces KL11, which consisted of M780, M105, M782) Refs: uNOTE N#033
  • M7846 RX11 RX01 floppy disk controller
  • M7856 DL11-W RS-232 SLU & realtime clock option Refs: uNOTE N#033
  • M8256 RX211 RX02 floppy disk controller


  • M8265 KD11-EA 11/34A data paths module (Replaces M7265)
  • M8266 KD11-EA 11/34A control module (Replaces M7266)
  • M7899 DZ32 DZ32 80line async mux modem control
  • M7792 DEUNA DEUNA port module, UNIBUS to ethernet microprocessor. (1 of 2)
  • M7793 DEUNA DEUNA link module, M7792 to ethernet bus line unit. (2 of 2)
  • M7847-DJ MS11-JP 16-Kword 18-bit MOS RAM (used in 11/05)
  • M7847-EJ MS11-JP 16-Kword 18-bit MOS RAM
  • M7840 KE11-B Extended Arithmetic Element, KE11-A Compatible
  • 2 x M7762 RL11 RL01/02 disk controller Refs: MP-00153
  • 4 x G235 MF11-LP 16K XY Drive, Current source, Decode (with G114 and H217C, part of memory option)
  • 4 x H217 MF11-LP 16-Kword 16-bit memory stack (with G114 and G235) (replaced by MA20-M)
  • 4 x G114 MF11-LP Sense inhibit (with G235 and H217C, part of memory option)
  • M7025 KW11-K Dual programmable clock
  • M8266 KD11-EA 11/34A control module (Replaces M7266)
  • 2 x M8267 FP11-A 11/34A floating point processor (one board is missing one 2901)
  • M8265 KD11-EA 11/34A data paths module (Replaces M7265)
  • a320E VT40 Display generator
  • M7014 Unibus Controller and Bootstrap for VT40 w/No Bus Terminators
  • M7013 Vector Generator and Character Generator Control, VT40