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Sigma Information Systems SA-BA11

I bought this chassis from Germany. It arrrives in a very bad shape, like if something had crushed the card cage. I could remove the cards with great difficulty, to find out that most of them were not DEC but National Semiconductor, Dilog and Emulex. The CPU is a KDJ11-AB, which makes it a PDP 11/73.

Top view, with the power supply protection cover removed. Note the AUI to RJ45 converter on the bottom right, the wire is supposed to go to a DEQNA module.

The exact model number is SA-BA11NM-X:

Backplane should be like that:

Sep. 1 2009:
It's missing the top cover, and the ON/OFF red plastic switch is broken. The chassis should work, since the power supply does, and the backplane looks clean.
Inserting a KDJ11-A in slot 1, a memory card in slot 2 and a KDV11 (8043) in slot 3 and then powering the unit leads to LED1 of CPU ON, which means it has entered ODT. If I remove the memory, some other LED switches ON, so I guess this is the minimum config. Too bad I don't have the correct cable to connect it to the VT220 !